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About me

A comfort zone is a beautiful place...


I am a married man myself, having three lovely kids while still being very focused on my business.

This is why I've built it upon these three pillars:

shared happiness, personal success and the people one can give all the best in life to - our children.

It's more or less my kids' fault that I am doing photography as a business...

I love nature and I am happy to enjoy it only for myself alone. Until this very day I am still doing photography as a hobby, shooting landscapes and wildlife.

But I also love my children and the memories of when they where still younger - framed on the walls in my habitation, making it my home.

I am always getting emotional, looking at the photos that I've taken of my family in the past but seriously, I am enjoying these feelings. Because that's what only photos can capture: memories!

How quickly you forget about the sound of their first laughter and how quickly you then remember when looking at the family albums.

This is the reason why I am running my business not only as a service but I seriously want to share the feeling of remembering and make people not forget about the precious moments in life.

Whether that might be the day of your marriage, the first birthday of your children or that one photo, which has helped you getting your first impression in your dream job.

I'm not only selling my products to my clients, I believe in them myself!



If there's anything that drives me, my answer would be Progress! And progressing in my skills while still having fun doing it is the most satisfying thing to me. The great thing about photography is that you can combine it with nearly anything that's in your interest. In a sense it just gives you different perspectives.

Next to photography I love mountains, the elements, sunrises and sunsets, animals, landscapes and as something completely different to all of these nature related things....engines! Or actually the stuff that is connected between the wheels and the engine.

And to be honest, all of these things that interest me: they're just an excuse to do more photography. It is a part of me, wherever I go!

By the way, I am left-handed but I guess that's of no importance - some people say that lefties tend to be more creative...

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