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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Where are you located? Would you travel for our shooting? Do we have to get to you?

I am living and working in the beautiful district of Köpenick-Wendenschloß in Berlin, Germany. I am surrounded by deep forests, meadows, rivers and lakes - the ideal location for outdoor-photoshootings. However, I am absolutely ready to get in to my car to get to you for a shooting. I'd also get into a plane if it would be necessary to get there (at certain distances I just have to consider this in my pricing and create an individual offer for you). 

I do have easy to set up studio equipment which enables me to quickly move from one location to another. For international bookings I am going to rely on rental equipment of at least the same quality as my own.

What's your photographic style?

As you can see in my galleries, I prefer shooting at a wide open aperture. Aper...what? Easily explained it just means that most of my images will have a very shallow depth of field, resulting in a very pleasing background blur, isolating the subject nicely! It's a very dreamy look (like memories in your head) and I absolutely love it!

Usually I am doing weddings and family sessions in a documentary style. Meaning that I am blending in with the guests, instead of being considered the photographer. I am aiming for capturing your memories as genuine and natural as possible. During the ceremony I'll keep a respectful distance while capturing the most important moments. So I am not going to be as intrusive as a Paparazzi.

I am not going to be the kind of photographer who constantly tells you what to do during YOUR wedding or family shooting but if you want me to guide you to get exactly the photos you've wanted, I'll be at your service of course!

Conclusion: I am not going to produce artificial photos without being asked for it but if these are the kind of photos you want to have I'll absolutely create them for you and I am totally fine with it!

Do you do group photos of our wedding/family/company?

Sure! Everyone say cheese and click - sharp photos!

Which precautions do you take? How safe are you working?

I am cleaning and maintaining all of my camera gear regularly, I am getting up more than early on the shooting day, I am taking care that my thirsty car is fueled up and I am more than early on location! I am using top of the line high-end cameras and lenses, I do carry loads of spare batteries and memory cards and I am backing up all my business data regularly in triplicate (seriously!).

Conclusion: I am kind of paranoid when it comes to backing up and re-assuring the way I work multiple times. I've never had a hard drive, camera or memory card failed but in the unlikely event that it should happen: I've got a backup ready all the time!


Black and white, graded, "filters", Photoshop?

These are all terms of my daily craft. Simply put: I am photographing in a so called RAW file format. These are basically digital negatives of your photos. These are preserved by me and I am putting them in my library and image catalogue after every shooting I do.


Afterwards I am sorting out the ones where the focus wasn't on point, blurry ones or when I was blocked by another person. The so called keepers are getting sharpened, color corrected and I am doing local adjustments such as exposure and contrast.

Usually I am selecting the photos which are being graded in black and white but if there's any photos that you'd like to have in color or black and white just notify me and I'll send them over to you (free of charge, included as a service).

Some of my packages contain so called high-end retouches. In this case I am relying on the black magic of Photoshop doing elaborate digital retouching where I am removing skin blemishes, stray hair, unfitting clothing folds and any other distracting pieces of the image to get the best out of it.

Upon request I can use techniques that are commonly used in advertising such as more extreme adjustments like digitally losing weight and so on. Depending on the amount of work I'd create an individual offer for you. 

Conclusion: I've studied graphic design and I can rely on more than a decade of experience in planning, executing and managing digital and printed media. Rest assured that you don't have to expect cringeworthy retouches where you can barely notice yourself because someone retouched your skin like a unicorn...

How do we communicate?

I am speaking German and I guess that there's not too many bad things about my English. Your choice :)

Further questions?

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