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Your wedding

Probably the most important day in the life of a couple! For some it's even the start of a family.

Just everything needs to fit and work out properly during that special day. But by experience the bride stumbles over her dress once and at least one person is going to have headache the day after.

Preparing a wedding probably takes lots of endurance, time and even money.

One is organizing multiple different services to make this very day as perfect as it can be.

But the only things that last are of course, the marriage itself, the rings and the memories of this beautiful day. (okay, you probably get tax benefits as well...).

Let me become your wedding photographer and I will make sure to create the best memories possible exclusively for you!

You'll get an impression of my skills in the following galleries.

Interested yet? Get in touch and I'll schedule a consultation for you.

My mission

as a professional wedding photographer is to capture and also stage these memories of your very special day with all my skills while blending in with the guests discretely.

It can be very frustrating if certain parts of the puzzle are ruining the experience as a whole. If one saves money, using "the cheap shooter" it might happen to get unsharp, blurred or technically incorrect photos in the end. 

Affected couples usually get in touch with me for sort of an "after wedding shooting"...

The outcome

of my work is always hand made for each individual client.

I'm getting a little more into detail about the way I work and the style of it in my FAQs. Usually I'm combining the all-loved documentary wedding photography and the traditional but classy wedding photography.

Whether black and white, vivid colors or vintage - my post-production possibilities are diverse and get treated individually and thoroughly with each new project for my clients.

The schedule

of your wedding is basically my script for the day. During our first consultation we are going to figure out what exactly you'd like me to capture and which final products you desire.

Upon request I am going to be on your side for the full day, from the getting ready of the bride until the after show party. Also Have a look at my partners page here.

If there's no precise schedule or exact list of persons that you'd like to image on your greeting cards, I am going to capture everything the day has to offer in a candid documentary style.

Usually I am capturing everything a wedding brings with it. Rest assured that I am going to be focused looking through the viewfinder with the right camera settings when you are about to exchange the rings, when you say "Yes, I do!" and as well as daddy's unique tears of joy during the ceremony. I am guaranteeing you that, based on my experience, I am going to deliver sharp and technically convincing photos without question at the right time and from the optimal position.

The surrounding

is also a very important part at your wedding day and is going to be fully documented in detail.

This might be family and friends congratulating you, having a chat with each other or simply enjoying themselves.

If your booking includes me for the late evening, I am going to capture a spectacular sunset in perfect landscape photography manner for you if the conditions apply. This is always an impressive detail in the album as a family heirloom!

Additionally I am capturing special details that you have thoroughly worked on such as the rings, the bridal bouquet, the cake topper or even the table decorations - I am using my keen eye and mind about these seemingly minor details, which all contribute to make this day the greatest experience in your life.

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