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The family

Is probably what's going to accompany most of us from the beginning over the course of our whole life. While the earth is still moving on we witness how our beloved ones come into our lives and sadly also how they pass away one day, this is the course of nature.

The more important it is not to forget about the ones that are on our side. That we don't forget how they lived and looked when they where young and when they reached a higher age.

Whether family is considered relatives only or best friends.

With my aid you'll get memories of a day in your life that shows you the way you are genuinely.

You and your family can look at these heirlooms even years later to remember yourself about how you really where that day - candid, vivid and in person.

Upon request I'll create long lasting, high value family albums for you and which will remind you for a long time about this day in your live.

Interested yet? Get in touch and we'll schedule a consultation.

My mission

during family photography sessions might sound actually quite simple - I'll accompany you over the course of the shooting like having a walk while I am capturing candid moments.

I have 2 kids myself as well as multiple nices and nephews. The little ones can be moody, overly excited, tired or heavily concentrated while playing. 

I'd say that I am quite experienced in dealing with children and I'll create some unforgettable images for you.

The outcome

of a family&friends photoshoot is always me attending and capturing you and your relatives in a candid and genuine way. This might be a usual day during the week showing your routine, the laughing as well as even the crying kids. Because this exactly is what makes you a family. Upon request I can, of course, stage your shooting perfectly as well as I do in my wedding photography.

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